Solo course of Oxandrolone

Solo course of Oxandrolone

Everyone, regardless of age and age, wants to look and feel attractive, athletic, athletic and have physical strength. Therefore, as everyone knows, it is necessary to actively engage in strenuous physical activity and exercise. But what if, even with regular physical exercise to exhaustion, the visible effect leaves a lot of desired results? The answer to this question is to use special medications that increase muscle mass and burn excess body fat.

Oxandrolone is a unique steroid that has only anabolic but not androgenic effects. Reviews Oxandrolone (anavar) is preferably positive due to its specific properties. The most common and known material properties:

  • It doesn’t stop testosterone production, so you don’t have to take booster medications after the course.
  • Not aromatized.
Solo course of Oxandrolone

The main advantage of oxandrolone is that it is not flavored and therefore does not cause an increase in female hormones in the male body. For experienced athletes and beginners, this is a big plus, because after the course there is no need to poison the body with drugs to restore testosterone levels. During preparation, gynecomastia in men is rare and masculinisation in women.

Solo course

The Oxandrolone (Anavar) cycle is known by every professional athlete as one of the most expensive, but also the safest steroid cycles for health. Taking the drug will help the athlete achieve their goals without fear of side effects. Steroids stimulate the growth of muscle mass and also show good results in drying the body and relaxing the muscles.

Oxandrolone is a light androgen and a powerful anabolic agent, it does not turn into dihydroform because the chemical formula prevents it from interacting with the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. The quality of this steroid is lower than that of testosterone, but the course ensures that there are no accumulated flavors and large amounts of fluid.

The positive effects of the course are:

Solo course
  • increased muscle mass – 3-4 kg per course;
  • strengthening muscle relief;
  • has a good fat burning effect;
  • increase protein synthesis in the body;
  • blocks the cortisol hormone receptors;
  • increase in the concentration of creatine phosphate in the body;
  • increases the amount of free testosterone in the blood structure;
  • does not raise blood pressure;
  • perfectly preserves the effects after the course.

Oxandrolone alone is recommended to improve muscle definition. Earning from this steroid is extremely inefficient and very expensive from a financial point of view. The drug shows the best results in athletes with light body fat and sufficient muscle mass. The course of oxandrolone alone is 6-8 weeks, with a daily dose of 20-80 milligrams. These broad boundaries result from individual differentiation.

Determining the optimal dose of Oxandrolone is based on many factors: experience with anabolic and androgenic steroids, ultimate purpose of administration, physiological properties of the body, training methods, etc. To get the most out of Anavar Solo, you need to have a thorough medical exam and talk to your doctor before taking it. When consuming steroids, it is necessary to reassess the physiological parameters and make appropriate adjustments.

Oxandrolone should be taken on a ladder. It is recommended to start with a minimum dose of 20 mg and gradually increase it to the ideal. By dividing the daily norm into several equal parts, the hormonal background is balanced, which reduces the likelihood of disorders and side effects. PCT after oxandrolone starts 2 days after the course ends. It is carried out with tamoxifen – 10 mg per day (restoring endogenous testosterone levels), 1-2 weeks. Properly selected nutrients for athletes enhance the effect.

The solo course is recommended when the athlete already has sufficient muscle mass and the goal is to burn subcutaneous fat, strengthen the muscles, and provide significant relief. In this case, the steroid is used at a dose of 15-25 mg per day for 6 weeks. It is advisable to take it on an empty stomach as it will accelerate the action of oxandrolone.

The duration of each course of Oxandrolone is six to twelve weeks, with daily doses ranging from 20 to 80 milligrams. Anavar should be taken at least twice during the day, but it is better to take 3 or 4 times. In this case, you will get a wet anabolic bottom along the track.

A single course involves taking 30-50 mg of the steroid. (3-5 tab.) Per day. Because Oxandrolone is a light steroid, it is not necessary to start taking 1-2 tablets. per day, as this will only slow down your progress and you may not get the results you want in the end. The medication for the course should be taken daily for six months. It affects the body for 8 to 12 hours. To keep the hormonal background even, it is recommended to divide the daily amount into 3-4 parts, e.g. B. 1 tablet. morning tab 2 – afternoon and 3 – evening. Athletes build really high quality and tight muscles that are free of fluid and fat for 6 weeks.

With the above doses, novice athletes can gain muscle mass or go through a drying cycle. It all depends on the diet program you follow.

Side effect

If you take oxandrolone in the right doses, side effects are very unlikely. The following side effects may occur at high doses:

  • reduced gonadotropin production,
  • testicular atrophy
  • Decreased libido
  • honorable erection
  • loss of appetite
  • weakness
  • headache
  • high pressure.
Side effect

This is the best course in terms of side effects. They are almost gone. Oxandrolone is the safest anabolic steroid. Toxicity during cooking is minimal. There will be no problems with the ligaments, as stanozolol drug does not remove as much water, it does not “dry out”. The drug does not aromatize, so gynecomastia is not at risk.

Oxandrolone is one of the safest steroids because its side effects are very rare.