Post cycle therapy of Oxandrolone

Post cycle therapy of Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is one of the mildest anabolic steroids in terms of side effect profile. It is the only commercial steroid developed for the sole purpose of providing a pure anabolic effect. Hypertrophy and tissue growth due to the increased ability of the body to convert proteins into muscle cells is 6 times greater than the normal male hormone testosterone. Estrogenic and progestogenic activity is minimized. The drug is ideal for men, it allows to achieve results and has no side effects. Also, women sometimes ignore these anabolic steroids as they have no side effects.

Post cycle therapy of Oxandrolone

Effect of Oxandrolone

An Oxandrolone course can be built with all medications except oral medications, as taking additional oral medications can increase the burden on the liver, below are examples of the most common courses associated with Anavar use. Nowadays, virtually all girls participating in international bikini competitions take Oxandrolone, and for good reason as it is a very mild yet very stimulating anabolic agent that helps athletes achieve high levels without signs of virilization.

The drug should be divided into several doses for better absorption in the body.

Oxandrolone solo – a great alternative for girls and beginners on steroids. This course will help you understand how steroids work with minimal risk of side effects, dose 30-50 mg per day, course 8 weeks, after this course, decide which direction to go, increase the dose or take several cycles of 30-50 mg.

Effect of Oxandrolone

For the second course, you can take Oxandrolone 50-100mg per day, buy Testosterone Propionate and add 100mg every other day and do a course of 8 weeks. Thanks to this course, you will noticeably “dry up”, gain muscle mass, and finally the veins will become visible on the biceps.

3rd course of oxandrolone 50-100mg daily + testosterone propionate 100mg daily + nandrolone phenylpropionate 100mg daily, you can mix testosterone propionate and nandrolone phenylpropionate in the syringe and do this course for 8 weeks, literally doing this Apollo course, there will be a lot of muscle mass gain during the course and you will get rid of excess body fat.

The fourth course can be done with raw muscle mass. For example take Oxandrolone 50mg + Testosterone Enanthate, buy 500mg + Nandrolone Decanoate 250mg. On this course, you will gain quite a lot of muscle mass and your strength will increase along the way.

The following courses can be completed at your own discretion, taking into account the individual reactions of the body to the substance.

PCT description after the use of Oxandrolone

After treatment, this should definitely be done even if methane for muscle or oxandrolone is weaker, although in very rare cases it can cause side effects, it can suppress testosterone production. Always do the therapy after the course, because the number of kilograms of muscle mass gained in the future depends on it, because health is a very important aspect of bodybuilding.

For example, after oxandrolone, PCT can be reported very easily. Take Clomid and drink it in a dose of 50-100mg per day for a month, add complex vitamins here, and individual vitamins such as E and C should be taken according to the instructions. In addition, you can improve sports nutrition like tribulus, proteins, BCAAs, creatine, gainers, amino acids, arginine.

Treatment after one cycle after taking Oxandrolone and Turinabol is complex and inexpensive. The drugs offered in the study are not considered strong and have little effect on suppressing your testosterone production. In addition, the duration of admission is low, but it will never be superfluous to undergo PCT to completely eliminate all adverse effects. The Tamoxifen 15 supplement can be used as a PCT after this course. You should start placing 1 tab a week after school. every day for two weeks. Because the steroids are not strong, this period is enough to neutralize the potential damage.

PCT description after the use of Oxandrolone

After a course of Oxandrolone – PCT required! You enter the body a hormonal drug from the outside, after which violates its own hormonal background and no other course or “steroid bridge” is planned, then you have to bring the hormones to “pre-class”. . The situation. It should also be remembered that creating a course with Oksana can be big, and everyone has their own opinion. So there is no single model.

Speaking of averages, it is sufficient to take a dose of Clomid for 100 days, 50 mg for 10 days and 25 mg for 10 days after a PCT regimen. The diet must contain vitamins A, B, C, E and zinc. Try not to do what you did in class. In other words, reduce the intensity of your workouts to maintain your workload. Remember that you can always write to the consultation section of our site and get a free consultation about any problem. We will not pay too much attention to this section, we have already written enough in this article and in this article. Remember: PCT must be performed after every steroid cycle!

Common factors: PCT is started only after discontinuation of analog steroids. for oxandrolone tablets, i.e. 3-5 days after the last tablet.

Drugs after PCT containing Oxandrolone Clomid (clomiphene citrate). It is an excellent hormonal antiestrogen that helps increase testosterone production after a course and prevent post-course effects. Tamoxifen may replace Clomid. Even potent estrogen should be present when alcohol patches are finished. It also restores testosterone well, but is now considered obsolete. Some athletes even add testosterone as milk thistle to PCT runners. Thus, it is believed that the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular arch is better activated, and recovery is faster and better.

Application of clomiphene citrate:

  • 14 days at 50 mg per day;
  • 12 days 25 mg per day + zinc 50 mg (zinc picalathum) + B6 10 mg.

After stopping taking clomiphene, take a month

  • 25-30 mg of zinc per day;
  • vitamin B6 10 mg per day;
  • vitamin E 200 mg per day.

Recommendations for exercise, rest and diet:

  • Take a break from regular PCT for the first week.
  • After the second week of PCT and post-cycle therapy, perform moderate exercise, that is, during the course use 50-60% of weight load.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours and don’t go to bed before 10pm.

Foods should be dominated by vegetables, seafood and saturated fats.

Side effects

Oxandrolone is rightly considered as one of the safest anabolic steroids. Understandable. After all, it was originally created for children and women. No taste or suppression of your testosterone. Oxandrolone does not require concomitant use of drugs that support the liver or inhibit estrogen. However, minimal side effects can sometimes occur.

Diary. The fact is that oxandrolone irritates the stomach lining. Therefore, concomitant administration of high doses (40-50 mg) in the fasting state may cause short-term diarrhea. However, many jars do not even consider this a side effect). To prevent this, take oxandrolone after or during a meal. Personally, I didn’t even have problems on an empty stomach.

Stress on the liver. Like all 17-alkylated drugs (don’t know what it is), oxandrolone puts extra strain on the liver. However, it is much smaller than methane, for example. In general, if you do not have liver problems, even high doses of this drug do not cause complications. Oxandrolone is rightly considered as one of the safest anabolic steroids. Understandable. After all, it was originally created for children and women. No taste or suppression of your testosterone. Oxandrolone does not require concomitant use of drugs that support the liver or inhibit estrogen.

Side effects

Compared to steroids like methyltestosterone or fluoxetine, oxandrolone can safely be called a safe anabolic for the liver. Taking 50 mg daily for two to three months will not change how your liver works. You don’t need gonadotropins for a single set of branches, and the combination cycles depend on the AAS used and their dosage. The use of chlomid, tamoxifen or toramifen in rehabilitation treatment is also important. In 99% of cases, we have not noticed any side effects after taking Oxandrolone!

To reduce the chance of side effects to zero, consult an expert, ask him to calculate the right dose for you, or write to us and get a free consultation from our professor.