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Video calls Michael Brown ‘robbery’ in Ferguson into question Not that he deserved to die over the matter, anyway

New footage challenges the police narrative that #MikeBrown committed strong-armed robbery! — Ashton P. Woods (@AshtonPWoods) March 12, 2017 What if I told you that the entire of the case against Ferguson, Missouri’s Mike Brown was built on a lie? Some of you would say that such a thing was obvious. Others would […]

Locker room talk: Andre Iguodala’s comments were about the control the NBA has over its athletes Iguodala’s statements should prompt us to think, not simply react with indignation

One of the most unenlightened 30 minutes in sports is the half-hour reporters spend on game day in the postgame locker room. Occasional gems come out of the interviews, but the postgame scrums primarily are an exercise in predictability, expediency and cliché: How did you win? Why did you lose? Praise the hero, roast the […]

Drake’s ‘More Life’ is set for March 18 — will it be worth the wait? Forget Nicki and Remy. Forget Frank Ocean and Rick Ross. When Drake drops new music, the world stops

Just like that — it’s all eyes on Toronto again. And it’s funny how — paraphrasing Jay Z — one Instagram post can mess up the game. With a single IG clip on March 11, Drake put to rest months of speculation regarding the release of his forthcoming project, More Life. The “playlist,” as he […]