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This daddy-daughter tea party photo shoot is melting hearts It shows that men in the armed forces do have a soft side

What’s more precious than seeing a 4-year-old dressed, pretty in white, for her magical tea party photo shoot? Probably seeing her U.S. Marine Corps drill instructor father, Kevin Porter, dressed in full military regalia and sitting at the tiny table, partaking in the festivities right along with her. The photo shoot was planned by Porter’s […]

Three friends are on a mission to bring reliable electricity to Nigeria Their company is pioneering solar microgrids for small businesses

An energy crisis has plagued Nigeria for nearly 40 years, leaving thousands of people without necessities while facing difficulties obtaining education and work, along with increasing criminal activity at night. Nigerian-born Ifeanyi Umejei decided to do something and reached out to friends and fellow Virginia Tech alums Emmanuel Ekwueme and Cedrick Reynolds for help with […]

Serena Williams hints at pregnancy We’re rolling with it because it’s fun and we need fun

Aww congratulations to @serenawilliams 👶🏽#InTune — #InTune (@Fourens_) April 19, 2017 “20 weeks.” That was the caption on Serena Williams’ Snapchat, presumably revealing a pregnancy. She has since deleted the photo. If you do the quick radio math, this means that she won the Australian Open while pregnant, which is awesome. But again, SERENA […]

Aux Cord Chronicles X: Bob Marley Forever Bob Marley only lived to be 36 years old. Here are 36 songs celebrating his life and legacy

Last August, Bob Costas was gushing over Usain Bolt being the fastest man alive. The fastest man to ever live, really. Costas, so energized by Bolt’s domination of the 100 meters, proclaimed that the track and field legend had surpassed the popularity of Bob Marley, his fellow countryman. The remark was met with instant side […]