First Medical Connection Recorded Between Spontaneous Orgasms & Weed


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Another day, another shocking new revelation about the untapped power of cannabis. According to a report from the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, a 40-year-old Netherlands woman was forced to seek medical help after experiencing spontaneous orgasms for five-weeks straight following a long night of heavy weed smoking and sex.

A First Time for Everything

Per the report, it is believed the occurrence is the first medically-recorded connection of spontaneous orgasms and cannabis-use.

The woman, referred to in the report as “Mrs. A,” claimed to have smoked weed with a partner before a five-hour sexual encounter. The subject described the extensive tryst as  “hard pounding sexual activity.”

Following the ordeal, the woman began receiving random orgasms without any sexual stimulation. Mrs. A reported she would typically experience them while laying down, and they would intensify as the evening progressed. Some, she claimed, lasted hours.

Throughout her typical day, Mrs. A was in constant fear she would experience another orgasm in public. At one point, she believed to have been experiencing Restless Genital Syndrome, which results in discomfort and unwanted sexual rousing.

She enlisted the help of Dr. Marcel Waldinger and showed him a video she had recorded of herself having one of her unwanted orgasms. Waldinger and his colleague Dave Schweitzer immediately dismissed the idea of Restless Genital Syndrome, as her symptoms didn’t add up.

However, the pair did manage to come up with an out of the box hypothesis of their own—he theorized her orgasms were a result of her long night of weed and sex, in addition to later cannabis-use.

The doctors believe that the intense sexual escapade led to an overactivation of a nerve, which in turn makes orgasms more intense. Weed itself is known to have stimulating sexual effects, so Waldinger and Schweitzer believe the plant itself is responsible for triggering the ensuing orgasms.

“She said she continued to use cannabis alone and without having sex. Even after several weeks, only a small amount of cannabis induced spontaneous orgasm. When she took higher doses, she got spontaneous orgasms that she ‘couldn’t handle’ anymore,” Waldinger told IBTimes UK.

Final Hit: First Medical Connection Recorded Between Spontaneous Orgasms & Weed

Although there have been studies regarding the link between orgasms and cannabis, this is the first time it’s been directly linked to a spontaneous occurrence.

“We need to know whether there are more incidents like this. So I’m interested in patients who will contact me if they’ve had the same sort of experiences,” Waldinger said. “That is important, to find out whether this is a very rare phenomenon or whether it occurs more often.”

Joseph Palamar of the New York University School of Medicine has studied the correlation between sex and marijuana in the past, and says the results vary from person to person.

“Using weed can make your body and your sexual organs more sensitive to touch. Weed also relaxes you and can also reportedly lead to tingly or warm sensations,” Palamar said. “Orgasms on marijuana are often described as magnified, longer and more intense. However, a lot of women find it hard to even achieve an orgasm while high on weed as they may become unfocused or paranoid. Many females have trouble getting lubricated after smoking weed—to the point of one of my interviewees referring to this as ‘dry mouth, but down there.’”

Regardless of the result, more research is needed to conclude whether or not Waldinger’s theory is correct.

“From a pharmacological point of view, this is very interesting,” Waldinger said. “What part of cannabis is inducing sexual pleasure and function, and what part is inhibiting it? It is fascinating to know that there is a drug that has a specific effect on orgasm.”

The post First Medical Connection Recorded Between Spontaneous Orgasms & Weed appeared first on High Times.

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